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Marketplace Terminology

What is a Drop?

A drop is a release of a single or collection of NFTs on DraftKings Marketplace at a specified date. Drops are the process of DraftKings listing new NFTs on DraftKings Marketplace, and any NFTs added via drops will be referred to as the primary market.

What is an Auction?

An auction on DraftKings Marketplace is a way to acquire NFTs through Candle or Time-extension formats. Customers must meet requirements and have a funded account to participate. Bidding starts at a minimum price and cannot be withdrawn. The top bid is held in escrow; if outbid, funds are released, and new funds are placed in escrow. The winning bidder's escrowed funds are used to complete the purchase, and the NFT appears in their portfolio.

What is a Pack Break?

A pack break, also known as a box or group break, is a collective activity where collectors buy spots or teams in a box or pack of sports trading cards. During a live stream or recorded video, a breaker opens the packs or boxes, and the cards are distributed to participants based on predetermined rules.

What is a Primary Market?

Any NFTs added via drops / initial release are referred to as the primary market.

What is a Secondary Market?

A place where any previously purchased NFTs are bought and sold by an individual other than the original creator or user.

What is a Portfolio?

A Portfolio is where a user can view the NFTs they own within DraftKings Marketplace.

What is a Waiting Room & Queue?

A waiting room or queue is a virtual line that buyers must join in order to participate limited sale of NFTs used to manage high demand for NFT drops.

What is a PFP?

PFP Stands for “Profile Picture” or “Profile Pic,” these are collections of NFTs that are designed to be used as a profile pictures on social media platforms and may come with additional benefits of perks to buyers, such as access to exclusive content, contests or events.

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